How to protect your organization against hackers?

Large corporations are not the only targets that cybercriminals have in their sights; unfortunately, smaller organizations (including development organizations) have been increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks. No panic!

Ensure your organization has the appropriate security controls to protect your valuable data! You do not need to be a cyber specialist for this.  

Erik Vanderhasselt from Xiobe will guide you through the first steps towards a more secure ICT environment. Erik supported recently some Belgian development organizations to build a more secure ICT environment, sometimes after they became victims of (attempted) hacking. Erik's background is in cyber incident response and does ethical attacks as well as defense work.

The following topics will be addressed during the training:

1.      The top 20 critical controls to run a secure ICT environment;
In this part of the training we will go deeper into a framework that can be used to increase the maturity of cybersecurity within your organization.

2.      Authentication and the top 20 critical controls;
We will examine in greater depth the framework of the 20 critical checks and explain the checks on authentication. In this section we look at password policies, password vaults and multi-factor authentication.

3.  Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC);
Information Sharing and Analysis Center or in short ISACs are consultation platforms between actors in the same field. During the training, we explain how cyberthreat information is shared between actors and how this knowledge contributes to the better protection of
the participating actors.

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